Sports Club


Volunteer Group of Megara

Foundation and History

·    The Sports Club KOUROS Volunteer Group of Megara was founded in 1997 under the 3086/97 decision delivered by the Court of the First Instance of Athens.

·    It was recognised as a Sports Association in 12/05/1998 under the (Γ/267) decision delivered by the General Secretariat of Sports.

·    It was entered in the Register of Volunteer Groups of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (ΓΓΠΠ) in 02/08/2001 under the 2610 decision of the Secretariat.

·    It is a regular member of the Greek Shooting Sport Federation (ΣΚΟΕ) since 23/08/1999 under the 3603 decision of the Federation.

·    It has an internal operating regulation under the 77/10-01-2009 decision of the board of directors of the club.

·    It is a founding member of the under foundation Panhellenic Federation of Volunteer Groups in Forest Protection and Firefighting (Π.Ο.Ε.Ο.Δ.Δ).

·    The Board of Directors consists of nine members whose term is two years.

    The composition and the contact details of the members are:

President:                             Katerinitsas Dimitrios         (6944-411093)

Vice President:                    Petrou Sotirios                      (6944-981136)

General Secretary:            Katerinitsas Antonios         (6936-971155)

Alternate G. Secretary:    Gosdis Ioannis                     (6978-240953)

Treasurer:                           Rigas Meletios                      (6981-205609)

Curator:                               Mourtzoukos Christos        (6974-905358)

Member:                               Botsis Ioannis                      (6982-049003)

Member:                               Nastos Panagiotis                (6944-204020)

Member:                               Kakagis Spyridon                (6995-304470)

The club has the following groups:

·    Volunteering

·    Shooting Sport

·    Cycling

Volunteer Group

·    The Volunteer Group of the Club was founded with the intention of offering help in case of emergency.

·    It consists of the following departments:

a) Forest protection and emergencies, b) recycling, c) environment, d) social work, e) blood donation and first-aid, f) communication.

·    Administrative it is part of the Coordinating Body of the General Division of Western Attica.

·    Today the Group consists of 98 members, while more than 30 of our fellow citizens are interested in our activities, which have expanded and in brief cover the following activities:

Environmental Protection of the wider area of Megaris through activities like daily inspection of forests in cooperation with the Fire Department, Reforestation of burnt areas, Recycling of various materials, cleanup of woods and beaches, promotion of places of natural beauty etc

Coping with cases of emergency like extreme weather phenomena, fires, floods, earthquakes, undertaking the search and rescue, first-aid, evacuating people in danger etc always in cooperation with the official agencies.  

Shooting Sport Group

·    Today the Shooting Sport Group consists of 51 athletes and practises the following sports:

1) Steady Target

2) Shooting Sport Practice

Future Goals

After the response shown by the public during the events organised by the Shooting Sport Group and the interest shown concerning the Shooting Sport, the Group intends to expand its activities in the following sports:

·    Clay target

·    Rifle (300 metres)

Cycling Group

·    We organise cycling rides with the participation of cyclists of all ages, aiming at the driving education of the young people of our city and the tour of areas of natural beauty of breathtaking Megaris.

Future Goals

·    Frequent monthly or weekly cycling rides.

·    The creation of a racing cycling group, with the intention of our cyclists’ participation in races of all over Greece.

·    The creation of a road safety section.


Beginning of Alepochoriou Avenue, Foros Area, opposite Attiki KTEL station. Megara 19 100

Tel:  22960 24444             

Fax: 22960 21045

email: (president’s email)

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